It was your child too. What do you do now?

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Joe was a man with a plan and a booming career in sales when his sweetheart got pregnant. Why couldn’t she understand the timing was just not right? If she would just go along with his plan, they could look forward to a family—some day.

He says, “I gambled abortion would protect my future. And I lost. Even worse than losing that relationship, now that I have a family, I see I sacrificed a child, my child, for the sake of my grand plans.”

Despite that painful truth, with abortion recovery support Joe found help to resolve his guilt and reconcile the many losses abortion brings.

Abortion is seen as “a woman’s issue” but that does not mean you as a man may not be affected as well.  Perhaps you have experienced loss and trauma related to abortion, too. You should have the freedom to mourn your loss and deserve to have your trauma recognized.

Masculine abortion trauma generally impact men in three ways:

Sponsors pay for the abortion, coerce the decision or reject the pregnancy in other ways. Our support groups help men resolve guilt and anger over the loss of control they experienced when the pregnancy occured.

Bystanders become helpless to protect the pregnancy from abortion. We can help bystanders overcome guilt for failing to step up, and release the anger and grief over lost fatherhood.

Supporters have a relationship with a woman who has the symptoms of post-abortion trauma. Through assistance and counsel, we can help you help them. It has been proven that woman suffering from post-abortion trauma benefit from the support of their partner.

No matter what role you played in the process, you may now be grieving, may be suffering, but you are not alone. The Abortion Recovery Support Group at Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center is here to help. Through our confidential counseling and group Bible studies, healing is possible.

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Assessment For Men

  • If you have answered Yes to any of these questions and would like to explore finding freedom from a past abortion experience, let us help you begin moving into your future unhindered by your past.
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Here’s what some of our Abortion Recovery Support participants have said about the class:

"This class is an eye opener and a must. It uncovers the deep buried feeling we try to hide from abortion. After taking this class it brings healing from your past and allows you to live a life of true forgiveness." - Participant

"This study has given me permission to mourn. It has provided healing through God’s word by learning about God’s character, and sin, and forgiveness. I am thankful for this Bible study and thankful for God’s forgiveness and great mercy on His people. The memorial services tonight will be a time of closure and I am just so grateful for the ladies facilitating this study."  - Participant

"It has been so helpful. It has released me from a sense of guilt and shame. I know this peace only comes from the Lord." - Cadence

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Post Abortive Effects

Abortion inflicts pain on men as well as on women. Father's are often the "silent, wounded warriors".  Research is only beginning to document some of effects that abortion has on men but there is no denying that many men do suffer consequences due to a past-abortion.
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Guilt
  • Depression
  • Unexplained Need to Defend Their Masculinity