Help is Available

Abortion Recovery Support through Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center offers a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental place to start the road to healing. Let us walk with you! We offer individual counseling as well as support groups for anyone who is suffering from a past abortion. Knowing that all things are possible through God, contact us to start your healing journey.   

Abortion Recovery Support through Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center offers counseling and Bible studies for both women and men:

  • Individuals may schedule a confidential one-on-one meeting to discuss concerns and identify a healing path.
  • The women’s study leads post-abortive women to emotional and spiritual healing through the Word of God and was developed from the author’s experience of being freed from guilt and grief following her own abortion. The study offers practical biblical help with issues such as grief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance. Together we work through the emotional scars and find true and lasting forgiveness.
  • The men’s study is designed to lead men to reconciliation with God, themselves and others as they come to terms with the role they played in the abortion, while finding healing through Jesus Christ. Men will learn how to apply biblical truths to resolve grief, guilt, anger, depression, and other associated problems.

No matter what drives the decision to end a pregnancy, there is hope and healing in the aftermath. Contact us for more information about individual counseling, to learn about our ARS support groups or to register for an upcoming class.

Meeting Of Women's Support Group


For women:

Forgiven and Set Free Classes

NEW CLASS Starts September 12th 2022 - Monday's 11am-1pm.  

We run groups on an ongoing basis. Contact us at 770-719-2288 or [email protected] for more information or to register for the class. 

Three sad men having a serious conversation at home


For men:

Healing a Father’s Heart

We run groups on an ongoing basis. Contact us through our website or call us at 770-719-2288 to register for the next session and find out how we can work with you in the interim.

Here’s what some of our Abortion Recovery Support participants have said about the class:

"This class is an eye opener and a must. It uncovers the deep buried feeling we try to hide from abortion. After taking this class it brings healing from your past and allows you to live a life of true forgiveness." - Participant

"This study has given me permission to mourn. It has provided healing through God’s word by learning about God’s character, and sin, and forgiveness. I am thankful for this Bible study and thankful for God’s forgiveness and great mercy on His people. The memorial services tonight will be a time of closure and I am just so grateful for the ladies facilitating this study."  - Participant

"It has been so helpful. It has released me from a sense of guilt and shame. I know this peace only comes from the Lord." - Cadence

It helped me see that I’m forgiven from all my sin I’ve confessed and turned from, that God loves me, He has forgotten my sin and that I exist to bring glory and honor to God by living an obedient life through faith in Jesus Christ. I also discovered that unforgiveness toward myself is sin that I needed to ask God’s forgiveness and repent of, which I did.”